Welcome to Attention Attire!

We’re delighted to now be 6 months in business, and with that have come plenty of highs and lows!

Luckily, we kicked off with plenty of high points including DJ Caz9 (http://caz9.com/) wearing one of our pieces as she played at the Fashion Revolution Week event with NU (https://www.thenuwardrobe.com/), scouring the fields at Life Festival in Mullingar for new fabrics to upcycle, and getting our sweet website up and running in order to have the chance to speak to you lovely lot! The campsites at Life Festival were the worst we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen plenty, and while it was really hard to see so much waste left behind it meant that there was a huge range of materials to choose from.

We then decamped to Body&Soul (http://bodyandsoul.ie/), where we met loads of like-minded heads at the A:Drift venue, and we were involved in chats about sustainable fashion with Grown (https://www.grown.ie/), Connect The Dots (http://www.connectthedots.ie/), Lay of The Land, Tasty Threads, and pioneers of environmentally-minded clothing, Patagonia.

During Body&Soul we gave our samples to one of the main stage acts, hoping they would wear something during their performance to talk and discuss the crime of campsite waste. Mykki Blanco (https://www.facebook.com/MykkiBlanco/) wore our jacket onstage - hurray - however, he and his tour manager loved our stuff so much they ended up taking ALL our samples with them at the end of the show…. And gifted them to their boyfriends and friends…

Yes, we’re pleased to announce that our samples have now been distributed internationally: one in Berlin, one in New York and one in Lisbon. :)

That setback was immediately followed by good news though when we got our very first customer, the ever lovely Lolly Strahan of Dublin food brand Lolly and Cooks (http://www.lollyandcooks.com/). Lolly bought both the Eileen in Grass Print and The Anna in aquamarine and sky blue with a striking orange trim and they looked gorgeous on her.

After slogging away at our day jobs for July and August, Megan got to witness first-hand the carnage left behind in the campsites after Electric Picnic at the beginning of September. Megan reckons about 70% of the 52,000 campers left their stuff behind which is crazy and so, so wrong. The only silver lining was the media attention this waste generated, which helps remind all you festival-goers to bring your gear home, but also helps us spread our message about Waste to Wear.

Now that festival season is over for this year, we have loads of work to do. Debbs took part in FIXJAM (https://www.facebook.com/THEFIXJAM/) as part of re-use month on Saturday 7th October. She’s also running a workshop alongside Swapsies on Saturday 14th October, encouraging people to get creative and learn some new skills, upcycling unwanted bits and turning them into something new! Check it out at https://www.facebook.com/events/854897111343772/. Megan is off to the Amsterdam Dance Event (https://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/) where she’ll be sporting the kit for all the music industry to see.

Megan is also featuring as part of Stokerface, an initiative with The Bram Stoker Festival and Creative Ireland, showcasing behind-the-scenes people in the creative industry. You’ll be able to check out her profile at https://www.facebook.com/events/565654120433434/ and on exhibition in the Jervis Centre. 

The brand has gone back into development now - we’re in the ideas shop for winter, creating, making and trialing new concepts to bring to our Spring/Summer 2018 collection. This is the really fun bit and there’s so much fun to be had! Outerwear clothing, especially for women, although functional, tends to be so boring! We’re looking to switch it up so watch this space : ).

If you have any styles or ideas you’d like to see wind up in Attention Attire outerwear give us a shout and let us know - attentionattire@gmail.com

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