About Us

Sustainable outwear, handmade in Ireland.


Every year, hundreds of weekend camping festivals across Ireland generate tonnes of camping waste that is extremely difficult to recycle. Items at the epicentre of this waste crisis are tents, sleeping bags and other material based camping gear which is near impossible to salvage sustainably.


Attention Attire creates limited edition, handmade outerwear from upcycled camping gear. Each piece is crafted with recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. Each garment is made to order, ensuring reduced waste and attention to detail. This isn’t fast fashion, this is forward thinking fashion.


Attention is the brainchild of Megan Best and the creative genius of Debbs Tormey. Having worked on festival sites for over a decade, Megan witnessed the magnitude of camping waste going to landfill and knew she had to take action. Teaming up with Debbs, they created the striking and unusual designs and launched Attention Attire in April, 2017. They are both based in Dublin.