The Journey from Field to Fashion

Working in the festival industry, we take to the fields after major music festivals and seek out the best quality tents - as well as the ones with the fancy prints! We also specifically look for tents that are battered, bruised and broken so that we can divert them from heading to landfill and give them a second lease of life as an Attention Attire original piece. All sizes are welcome, pop-ups are quick to pack away but big tents give us plenty of fabric to work with and adapt. Often we cut away the fabric but leave the poles, making them much easier to recycle and helping the earth as we go!

Once we get the fabrics back to Dublin we log and photograph everything to create a stock inventory and let our customers know what fabrics they can use to design their Attention Attire pieces. Each tent is then dismantled into individual pieces, making them easier to wash and use - as well as a better size for the washing machine!

When we’re ready to start making something new, the fabrics undergo a rigorous cleaning process. Each piece is washed individually at 30 degrees for a delicate cycle so as not to compromise the integrity of the fabric. We only use Ecover detergent products, to help to prevent nasty chemicals going into the local rivers and streams. The fabrics then drip-dry, which takes less than an hour, before getting the steam-iron treatment in order to remove the last of their campsite creases. This process ensures that the fabric is clean, tested for washing at home and is ready to make your clothes.