Sleeping Bag Rental @ Body&Soul Festival (Price Includes €5 Deposit)

Sleeping Bag Rental @ Body&Soul Festival (Price Includes €5 Deposit)

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A smooth, sustainable, and circular solution to the problem of campsite waste.

All of our tents and equipment are sourced from campsite gear destined for scrapping, spruced up by our team and sent back out to the world to rent. It's perfectly circular.

Price includes a €10 Fee with a €5 deposit. You will get your deposit back on site at Body&Soul once the equipment is returned.

It's really simple:

1 - Pre-book your sleeping bag.

2 - On Friday rock up to our collection point at the Body&Soul campsite and collect your sleeping bag.

3 - Set up your sleeping bag in the Body&Soul campsite.

4 - Enjoy your weekend at Body&Soul.

5 - On Monday, drop the sleeping bag back to us from the point you collected it from. You'll get your deposit back at that point too. 

6 - Make sure you left your space as you found it and have properly disposed of any waste you may have.